Ticket-order terminal allowing audiences to choose their events, seats (numbered or not) and prices, pay by bank card and immediately receive their tickets printed by the terminal or on their smartphone.


    • Order and bank-card payment machine
    • Connectivity: Ethernet, Wi-Fi (optional)
    • TPE: Worldline Valina
    • Printer: Star mc-print3
    • Admin interface: remote access via secure VPN, incident email alerts
    • Screen: multitouch, 27-inch, high definition (1920 × 1200), 1000:1 contrast
    • Height x Width x Thickness (cm) 220 x 60 x 10
    • Weight (kg): 40
    • Power source: 220V

This ticket-order terminal has been specifically developed to function with our solutions, allowing you to select the shows and prices you wish to offer on them.