In order to function with Redtaag, the Star TSP700II printer must be equipped with the Hi X connect module. This makes it possible to connect the printer via a network cable and, optionally, add a Wi-Fi dongle to connect to Wi-Fi. These products are therefore offered in a pack composed of the printer, the HI X Connect module and the power supply (normally sold separately)

The TSP700 is a highly robust and rapid printer, capable of printing large volumes of high-quality tickets with texts, logos, and barcodes at a speed of 250 mm per second. The TSP700II is compatible with the majority of operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and Android.

Its design is compact and versatile, with various accessories available. It accepts rolls of very thick paper or ticket paper.

Weight 1,75 g
Dimensions 213 × 147 × 148 mm

charcoal grey, white